Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

When it comes to BarMitzvahs Delaware DJs brings you the best in entertainment services. Our professional staff will work closely with you to plan every detail. At the event we will provide our Most Experienced DJ’s for the ultimate in interactive entertainment. We have performed at hundreds of successful Bar/Bat Mitzvahs over the last 25 years.

Great Mitzvahs, unlike other special events, involve hours of planning for each hour of performance time. At Delaware Disc Jockeys, our commitment to advance planning is unparalleled in the industry.  Our staff irons-out the details, the music, techniques and systems required to achieve the customer’s vision.  If it sounds like we take this DJ thing seriously, it’s because we do.  Each Mitzvah is important to us, because it’s also important to a special young person…And you only get to do it once!

What It All Means

In the simplest terms, becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah means becoming an adult. That’s right, your little bundle of joy is now – according to Jewish law – a mature person capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of an adult, at least from a religious perspective (we’re not talking balancing the checkbook or making them get a job – although that’s totally up to you).

Becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah means a child is now responsible for fulfilling Mitzvot, or good deeds, and accounting for his or her sins. Boys will usually celebrate their Bar Mitzvah after they turn age 13. Young ladies will celebrate their Bat Mitzvah after their 12th birthday. He or she is now called upon to follow the teaching of the Torah, to give to tzedakah (charity), and to fast on Yom Kippur. And, as a parent, you are now allowed to sit back and relax, purportedly free of religious responsibility for your child. Phew! But first comes the Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony, the rite of passage where your child’s transformation into religious adulthood takes place in front of a live audience.

Choosing the Date

You’ll usually know the date of your child’s Bar/Bat mitzvah 3-4 years in advance. We can accommodate you with a Disc Jockey up to 8-24 months prior to your Bar/Bat Mitzvah, however, the sooner the better. Some Synagogues will allow you to the change the date and are quite flexible, others are not.

As for the time of day your ceremony takes place, again, this is also something you will need to discuss with your Rabbi/Synagogue. We highly suggest you investigate what options are available to you early on the planning process. The more you know the more control you will have over your own event!